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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. a former university of maryland student who died more than a year and a half after he was sucker punched at a bar. today the student who delivered that blow has pled guilty to the crime. he pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and faces up to five years in prison. bipafsha punched god freeh in 2013. in november 2014 he died. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins will show us how loved ones are honoring godfrey's memory. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. all right, wendy. ancient artifacts likely unearthed from tombs in pakistan smuggled into virginia. scott macfarlane and it's a
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story i'm working on news 4 at 5:00 and i'm working at dulles international airport. john mcnamara pled guilty to smuggling ancient relics from pakistan into virginia. more than 1,000 of them, some 6,000 years old and of misleading the feds about it. mcnamara owns a business which resells ancient relics sometimes for six figures and some he admitted today had been excavated from human graves. yet feds have long been warning about ancient artifact sales in the u.s. that's part of our full report tonight on news 4 at 5:00. pat? >> right now a college campus is uniting in the face of racist threats made online. security is still ramped up at howard university this afternoon as concern grows at other campuses, as well. news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live at howard's campus right now with the very latest. meagan? >> reporter: pat, i can tell you students are still concerned about the threat, but they say
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the rallies that they've held on campus and the support that they've been getting since yesterday morning have brought the student body closer together. here's a look at what was happening on campus a few hours ago. students, alumni and faculty members held a moment of silence on the yard. showed up to show their support for cries of racial inequality on the campus of the university of missouri and yale. they wanted to show support for each other after an online post threatened to harm anyone on campus. last night an even larger crowd came out to the same location. students say they're hoping these gatherings send a loud and clear message. >> students of all creeds and colors are deciding that what is wrong is wrong everywhere. >> reporter: just within the last few hours we've learned of two new incidents on two separate college campuses in our area. the first, and the latest, actually, we should say is from
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montgomery college whereicials t threatening phone call at 1:45 this afternoon and campus officials say they've increased security on campus and they're asking students to remain vigilant. then another incident. this one at george mason university. the president there is putting out an email letting the campus know of a racist symbol that s found in a encouraging everyone racially tolerant and she's also denouncing that image and saying that she is putting together a plan to have a dialogue on race relations on campus. back to you. >> thanks, meagan. we'll dive into that in the talk around town, but u.s. officials think ty got their man to kill the terrorist kno as jihadi john. last night's drone strike killed everyone in the targeted vehicle and they're reasonably certain he's dead. jihadi john's real name is muhammad emwazi and he's been in a lot of isis videos, wearing a
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mask and taunting foreign leaders and beheading american hostages. we'll have an update on the intelligence behind that air strike and more on his past in the next half hour. some breaking news this afternoon. the u.s. supreme court says it is taking on what could be the most abortion case in the past 25 years. it will review a texas law that could force more supporters of the state's abortion clinics to shut downs. abortion clinics have to meet the same medical standards as surgical centers and doctors providing abortion services have to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. if the court rules in favor of texas, it could allow at least a dozen other states to seek similar limits. that decision is expected next june. nearly a week after a crash killed four people in tt positive ome out of her coma. parents androto
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ecovering and rpregnant and she. the wake for those killed in the church van is scheduled for tomorrow. for information on the service and how to donate for the famili to some ofthose victims just go to let's go to storm team 4 and chief meteorologist doug kammere that windis strong out there and it's a little it going to g? >> when the sun goes down that's to fall and you'll feel the tart difference. the sun is giving us heat and today, high temperatures are above average and 57 mart insburg, 63 down toward pawtuxet river so not a bad day. winds are gustin 25 to 35regio we do have wind advisories to the west. the winds will stay up here and what we will continueo see is that very cool air move in. so if you're heading out tonight take the coat. remember, gusts at 25 to 35 miles per hour. temperates will fall. windy and cold by around 8:00,
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9:00, 10:00. you will feel the difference as you make your way outdoors and just remember it will be a cold start to your saturday and that weekend forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. d.c. player muriel bowser is wrapping up a week-long trade mission, and the mayor talked to reporters by phone about the trip's success. they include securing $155 million for several development projects and the mayor also talked about the surge of synthetic drugs into this country from china. she met with the u.s. ambassador and dea agents who told her the chinese government has tpknowledged that synthetics are a big problem in that too. >> the production and shipment of synthe drugss substantial, but from from this agent'soint of view he saw th were making progess. for exa, presented with the chemical makeup that a
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few ago years had been in china and now had been banned. >> bowser did not bring the isue of synthetic drugs up with any chinese officials while s was on hertrp. india for an 11-day mission to exing youing partners inmeet we cuves and government representatives to prote ria gods and officials fromrginia hav been mang trips like this f o they'veobs in the commonwealth. disgraced subway pitchman jared fogle says he's profoundly sorry and why he deserves the minimum punishment in the child porn case. call it mobile justice. the app on keeping a watchful eye on
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oh, this has been one windy day. you know what i'm talking about if you've been outside, and i like the fact that we've had the sunshine also, but as soon as the sun sets just before 7: this evening we are going to be seeing that change and it stays windy throughout the overght period and by 7:00 our windchil temperatures. yes, we're talking about windchill temperatures already and 55he tempeture wll feel like we're around 35 to 40 degrees and then it gets colder youllundlerrow morning. up d we'll have a look at your weekend in detail, hour by hour
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in just a few minutes. >> thanks, v.j. there was a pivotal week ahead for what used to be subway's top pitchman. jared fogle pled guilty to possessing child pornography and sex crime charges and he'll be sentenced on thursday. his lawyers are asking the judge for leniency and a five-year prison term. they told the judge fogle is, quote, profoundly sorry for what he's done. prosecutors want to put him away for 12 years. the daring prison break in new york pled guilty today. it was david sweat's second court appearance since his capture back in june. sweat and convict richard matt spent more than three weeks on the run after escaping from the clinton correctional facility in new york. border patrol agents shot and killed matt and caught sweat a short time later. sweat will be sentenced in february. still to come. we're working to get new information on the sexting sting that led to police arresting a
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white house secret service agent. they call it mobile justice. why the aclu hopes a new app is the future when it comes to monitoring law enforcement.
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this just in the white house calls the allegations of the secret service officer in a sexing sting disgusting. a white house spokesman says the at minh agz is taking the iestigation against lee robert
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moore very seriously. stigators say more centex blissity messages and naked pictures of himself to someone he thought was a 14-year-old girl. an undercover officer in delaware was on the receiving end of those texts. moore waived a preliminary hearing in state court today and faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. pretty soon you'll be able to download an app that's meant to hold law enforcement accountable and protect your rights. as chris gordon reports the american civil liberties union is behind this mobile justice app. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union today unveiled a new phone app called mobile justice. it allows anyone in the district of virginia or maryland who is recording video of police interaction with citizens and who feels that police are violating someone's civil rights to submit that video directly to the american civil liberties union for a legal review.
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>> some standard videos have helped document police abuse and good police officers know that footage of other officers acting in bad faith makes their job harder. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, some recent local cases the aclu cites to show why they think this new mobile justice app is need. that's the late in the district. back to you. >> i live there, and i didn't know this and hard to believe in a city as wealthy as alexandria more than 13,000 people are hungry and living in poverty and one in five of them are children. to raise money and awareness the non-profit group alive is sponsoring an empty bowls event today. ceramic students are playing a big part creating 100 handmade bowls to hand out. >> the bowls are a very important part of the project and the artist who created these beautiful bowls which will be gifts for people attending e
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events. >> there's a l of time and effort and care that go into making these bowls because we want people that receive those bowls to feel very proud that they have one of our bowl >> the event kicks off saturday at 6:00 at the durant art center on cameron street. i want to say hello to our friends at matttawoman middle school. it's career day, and i got a chance to talk to them about tv news and about all of the -- all of the careers that exist behind the camera. there you see some of the students and the staff. these kids were so great and they asked great question, probing questions and have high aspirations. it was quite an inspiration to see them and talk to them. >> those are always so much fun. >> they ask you questions that you will and that you won't answer. >> exactly. >> hello to mr. fletcher's language arts students. good to be with you today. >> doug, i know you've done a ton of these school visits and
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they're always loving to hear about the weather and how you go about forecasting that stuff. >> they also want to know what kind of car you drive. >> that's the one out there, too. let's show you what's happening and the kids tonight have to be on the chilly side if they have practices for sure and the winds still gusting and you can see the flag is moving and we're not seeing those big time gusty winds across the area and current temperatures, winds out of e west at 10 miles per hour and the sun going down in half an hournd that is really going to set the stage for a much cooler ght and we have the 50 miles per hour ffect and for the rest of the evening and look at the temperatures, 60 in d.c. and 54 in martinsburg and back toward laray and tonight it will be more of a windchill like factor when you step out the door. storm team 4 radar and our storm system and the one reason why we have all of this wind is because of this storm well up toward the north and the actual storm way up here and the trough of low pressure brings all of the way down and we have lake-effect
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snows going into into parts o new york and we'll for us during the day tomorrow starting off on the cold side. windy and chilly and a lot of at 7:00oing on and lacrosse and a.m. and windchill a that time in e city around 37,8 degrees and7 degrees by9:00 and 50 1:00 and a high of 53 and it will feel lik coat and thethem all and the ki be wearing the uniforms and make sure they have a long sleeve shirt moving in and it will be chilly as you move through the day tomorrow. >> as far as temperatures go, this is going to be the next couple of days and we're only cold one day, and sunshine and 53 degrees and once again, that windchill will make it feel that much colder. 38 degrees for a low temperature early in the city and 60 for the high and look at the mild air move back in on monday and tuesday and we do not stay cold for long and unfortunately, it's
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happening on a saturday so make sure to bundle up. more on the seven-day forecast and when we may hit 70 coming up at 4:45. >> thanks, doug. more than a hundred women who blamed pregnancies on a packaging mixup have joined a negligent lawsuit. they are seeking damage for lost income, medical cost and in some cases the cost of raising the children they had while taking the pill. some pills were recalled in 2011 because they were packaged upside down. that meant some women may have taken the inactive placebo pills at the start of the pill cycle. for a list of the brand names involved head to the nbc washington app and search birth control. experts are calling it an alarming report showing a rapid increase in children diagnosed with autism. it's not because of more kids are suddenly affected by the disorder. >> reporter: one in 45 kids in america have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
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that's according to the new report by national center of health statistics and one in 68. experts say this does not reflect a rapid increase in the number of kids affected by auti autism. researchers surveyed the way they survey parents asking specifically if the doctor had diagnosed a child with autism. >> when you're asked this you will get a higher response rate of yes, someone gave my child that label. the important question is did that label stick? >> it's possiblesome doctors suspected kid his autism. >> what we may see is children with preliminaryiagnosis who are waiti for that in-depth evaluation. >> regardless, the numbers do suggest the owing awareness of the disorderand over the years definition oe spectrum br more children. experts say some families may push for a diagnosis of autism their children. >> money follows diagnosis and
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there's more moneythat follows the diagnosis of autism than the diagnosis of developmental languagedisorder. >> while the rception ireased a pndhecentage of other developmental disabilities fell. ericaedwas,bc news. ground breaking food safety rules. how the government is trying to stop the spread of salmonella. and amazingly they stayed totally flat and the night broke. >> you have to hear this one. donald trump blasting ben carson in a wild 90-minute speech. 
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the gentovernm is taking new steps to keep us from tting sick from the foode eat. the food and drug administration is taki more ovrsight of farms involved in the and stri hygiene training for workers and regular monitoring of the water used on crops. they're trying to prevent harmful bacteria from growing on the crops and the move comes after several deadly outbreaks includingis cases of salmonella poisoning of cucumbers that killed four people this year. >> today hundreds sports players demonstrated outside the attorney general's office in
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manhattan. they're schneiderman shut down fan duel and draft y shs. ld focus real oblems. the attorney general says the sports fantasy sies are illeal forms of gambling because they rely on chance not skill. both coan are asking the dge to stop the attorney genel's order. in n york y clegally bet eason long fantasy leagues andq the compani fid s saying more skill than those. they accused schneiderman of threatening business partners which are both are comcast invested in fan duel. >> we are just getting started on news 4. new clues in the mysterious murder of a pastor's pregnant wife. why police think the killer may have gotten caught on camera. donald trump's epic rant and how they're
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right now at 4:30 breaking news in the district where police took a woman into custody after a stabbing at a metro station in tinnily town. let's go lye ive to jackie bens.
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what are you hearing? >> reporter: we have the east side of the metro station on wisconsin avenue closed off while police investigate a stabbing that took place about 45 minutes ago. what we can tell you from speaking to witnesses is that there was a disagreement of some sort between a woman in a motorized wheelchair and a man. actually this happened on the other side of the street on the west side of wisconsin avenue at the metro station there. somehow they all ended up over here and police took that woman in custody after witnesses say she stabbed the man that she was having the disagreement with? he has been taken by ambulance to a local hospital. we are not aware of his condition, but we are told he was conscious and breathing when the ambulance left here. but again, the tinnily town metro station is open and the station on the west side of wisconsin avenue is closed at this time for an investigation into a stabbing that happened about 45 minutes ago.
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live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. back to you. >> thanks, jackie. at 4:30, howard university is still on high alert following racist threats made online about harming people on campus. security is stepped up and students are getting together for rallies and demonstrations in a show of solidarity against racism on college campuses. the fbi is also investigating the threats. it started with students ousting the president of missouri through what happened at howard. now the campus has created an entirely new movement on social media. troy johnson is here for our talk around town and troy, what are your listeners saying what's going on at howard and this hash tag, black on campus? >> a lot of people i've talked to have students in school and have been out of college for a while. nothing has changed and these are conversations that have been happening for a ng time, but what's interesting about it is the command of social media that
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young people have. saluting them because they're keeping this issue on the forefront of today's conversations. a lot of people were telling me in the situation between going to a predominantly white school or historic black college say this is why they chose the hsbcu and they may not have to deal with some of these issues that are coming out on social media today. >> as of thursday morning the #blackoncampus had more than 100,000 mentions. what a they sing? >> they're talking about this microaggression. it's a conversation word that you will hear quite a bit. the tweets we heard today from natalie baptt say somes campus piceyou don't look like . subtleties tha a up tions and frustration and it has you second guessing the situati th you' in when you're on
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caus. the american psychological assoction descris microaggssion as everyda insults and ignities, demeaning sent to pple of color from pele who may n understan that we're subtly. >> one of the things we've se tension erupt from people wh went to historic black universities and folks who went to big state schools and that's been a subtext that boiled over here. >> it has because i talked to some students who said folks that are not of color that they're going to school with say what's the bi idea? is it really as bad as what people are saying? they'reertainly saying th is t rexaggerat. the arees t issut areoing on andhe othehing is l thenhat commthey wre by me seeingn usee stories poand when you see aloue that's spod to that'salg on with em. >> socialedia could be a >> h., rough environment. >> tnks,troy. v.j.? >> ouremperatures --ow youstorm4 forecast.
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oh, our teerate, they're dropng a the wind will still be up duri the ernight period. sottle go into friday night football. i would make sure you put an extra layer or two on versus what you had on last friday. 52, our temperature at 7:00 and windy and chilly. so windchills will feel more lie we're aund 40 degrees by 9: 10:00 as the temperatures fa throughhe s. yo gusts igr gusn leesburg per hour right now and hawn coming at 35 miles per hour. the windchill for the evening and we've got the coldest day of the season coming up tomorrow, and i'll tell you how long you're going to need the coats if we will see those temperatures rebound over the next couple of days. that all in just a few minutes. as the democrats running for presidentprepe for the next debate this weekend in iowa.
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the crowded gop field is scattered at campaign stops around the country. today the front-runner donald trumps the attack again and some say he's ing over the ds in south ca this ing mo whhaoff th test a are 'satth ameinsg asport ad he was the chikeeng ] h -te rt hishly off the he wen too eporter: sealystsin uld be t bak severa i e crow sng rubibush. th lall come bac >> reporose along with trip are among a dozen republican hopefuls taking pa in the gop sunshine summit inner
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lan orlando over the next three days and tat a the ppa for this weekend. jay gray, nbcs. >> and theal trp's aparce on snls evost w the show9.3 million mavwers thas it the n calcultesrump apar oecb ingto nes eir >>time t chk your cabine  aced nbc afliatesn ag,campbell'sou nnouncing a recall becae of vowitc[#,
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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. some kind of aac occred in the area of -- some kind of attack has occurred -- i'm wendy riegt thelive desk where some kind of attckd two are of dnto pis. one occurred near tstau explosi at a barust outside hat sdium a the there was sho e republic police say ex people in thests,nd severale un. ae kno whw
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tind of? andpf foed andsover ispont we're keeping an e w rmcko yous on as we rder has completelyken on f his week a cold-blooded da bck bu was 12ek home d murdered here. >wee ming. essd a message forerr willnd et away clean and free. you d leave evenand ill find yo. >> rn's 1-year-olchd was he atimend her but they thin video. >>a gvioryaesbian cple who fought against losi order. because of a court
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>>the s.hinkit i troeri and the newnto the newsroom çk#
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right now at 4:45, a secret service agent has waived his right to a preliminary hearing today. a man who had been working at the white house now accused of sending explicit photos of hielf to someone hthought was a teenage gl. the agencyut leerobert moore on administrative leave and
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stripped him of his clearance. police are looking for the armed robber seen in this surveillance video. the guy strolled into a cell phone store on george avenue near jefferson street in northwest d.c. he pulled a gun on an employee and forced her to open the safe in the back of the store. this happened on monday in the middle of the afternoon. if you recognize the suspect, police want to hear from you. there's a new effort here in loudoun cnty to preserve hallowed ground, but ite involvs the region'sop prosecutor. >> i came out here and found my great great great grandparent thomas carr and mary cummings carr stones and he was in the american revolution in the loudoun militia. >> we walkedhe old cemetery with lana petersoand she recently discovered it's where herr aesrsest and it's the help for neighbors over the past several generations and in order
4:45 pm
for ana to restore the ground herself the courts need to weigh in. >> i've come to learn there's a lot of different duties that are incumbent upon the commonwealth attorney and this is one of them that came u several years ago. >> coming up on news 4 at 5:00 we'll show you how the prosecur is coming up to preserving the history for not just ana and the cemetery, but several others in loudoun county. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk where we are following multiple attacks, multiple terrorist atintas n special report. we are coming on the air to tell you aut a situation unfolding in paris where there had been a number of apparent attacks or as police are calling them incidents involving shootings. one at a restaurant, also some unconfirmed repts of explosions, but three separate areas with a high number of casualties. here are some of the pictures
4:46 pm
coming in. our keir simmons is in the london bureau mitoring this. wht re you hearing? >> theicture we're getting is chaotic likely because the scene on the ground across pis appears to be chaotic, but what we are hearing from a french television networ that network, unconfirmed reports that 18 people are dead. we are we are heang various reports as you mentioned of three different incidents. as i go through them, that television network againis saying that there is a restaurant shootout. it is also reporting a bar explosion nethe stadium. menwhile, the afp is saying that hostages have been taken at a concert hall. so this is very, very early and we just began in t lthour to hear the initial reports of i have seen video taken by somne on
4:47 pm
hear rounds rin out again and again in what sounds like an explosion and a man filming saying they're shooting. there are people fromhe army and police here in paris. 's a shooting again. shooting. -- s difficult to establish at this stage whether there are three separate incidents and that is the picture as far as we can tell. unconfirmed at this stage from variousreports from various agenes and journalists on the ground, lester. >>e simmons monorg this now fom our london bureau. if you see some of the pictes that9 we have been watching coming into the newsroom and a chaotic situation and clearly there are a numb casualties and this comes from the "charlie heb hebdo" attacks and we recall there the waiting and confusion as things play out.
4:48 pm
so we'll try and tell you what we know and what we don't know as this goes along, but a night of violence and a very confusing situation with, as we mentioned, a high number of casualties in paris. we continue to watch this as events unfold and we'll come back on the air, and of course, full coverage from our team coming up on nbc "nightly news." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news. >> a very fluid situation back here. we are taking a look now at live pictures in paris, i think the take aways of what we just heard. police say initially that 18 people have been killed and that number, of course, likely to change and they are investigating three separate incidents, a shootout at a restaurant and a possible explosion at a bar near a stadium. an associated press reporter within that stadium, fran germany were having a friendly ccer match. he said the explosions were loud enough to penetrate the sounds of cheering
4:49 pm
in the third incident is a possibility that hostages have been taken inside a concert hall. some of the things that officials there in paris will be looking at. are all these incidents confirmed? and are any, at all connected? we'll stay with this and for now i'll send it back to uhe studio, pat. >> chris, thanks. it's being called a major tactical success for the u.s. in the fight against isis. we are learning more about the air strike that's believed to have killed the isis executioner who became known as jihadi john. let's get that story from steve handelsman at the pentagon. steve? >> reporter: pat, thanks. before we look back at apparently the effort to take out jihadi john, it's important to point out that pentagon officials and anti-terrorist officials around the world have said that these videos attributed to jihadi john and not just him as the killer, but him in a way as the video
4:50 pm
producer while they may have horrified tens of millions on this plnet, they were put out to recruit isis members worldwide and to inspire isis-style attacks in places like paris. so here at the pentagon today they are feeling pretty good and they found the guy and th targeted him due to sources of information that they want detail and they'll pull the trigger, they say when the notorious isis killer got into a vehicle. >> he was the murderous face of isis. u.s. commanders believe they got jihadi john in syria with the hellfire missile from a u.s. drone like this and they're hoping to confirm it. jihadi john not only beheaded hostages and others he had videos to attract recruits. >> his real name was muhammad
4:51 pm
emwazi an educated british citizen who would have kept killing said the british prime minister justifying the drone tryin strike. >> this was in self-defense and it was the right thing to do. >> he beheaded ree america. ephen sotloff's mother said if they t him great, but it doesn't bring my son back. foley's family said if only so much effort had been given to finding and rescuing jim, they might be alive today. president obama ordered an ongoing rescue effort. in fact, the president personally authorized a raid. >> that was 2012 in syria. it failed, but obama officials say targeting emwazi sends isis a message. >> your days are numbered and you will be defeated. >> u.s. pilots this week, u.s. special forces and kurds are cutting isis supply lines into iraq from isis headquarters in raqqah where the air strike was
4:52 pm
aimed at jihadi john. >> reporter: now comes the effort to confirm that the isis frontman is definitely dead. deep in syria could be difficult and could take time say officials here. at the pentagon, steve handelsman, news 4. and i'm chris lawrence back here at the live desk where we are keeping an eye on what's going on in and around paris. they're taking a look at pictures there from french media who are covering the story there on the ground. two police officials are saying at least 11 people have been killed in shootouts and other violence around paris. these conditions are going to change and you've seen this before and the details and the number of will be fluid for the next several hours and we'll keep the presence on the story and keep following it every step of the way.
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live desk with some new information we are learning about the breaking news in paris. the a.p. is reporting that french president francois hollande was inside the stadium and he has left the stadium and is holding emergencyeetings after the deadly attacks. sources are telling nbc news that at least 18 people have been confirmed dead and multiple incidents around the city of paris. we are going to have live coverage on this story at the top of t hou pat? it has people wondering what
4:56 pm
a former illinois police officer was really up to. authorities found all sorts of military gear that he had stashed away for his youth program. as phil rogers reports the disturbing story comes after the officer killed himself in what's been described as a carefully staged suicide. >> this entire room was filled to these ceilings. >> reporter: in the basement of a community center in fox lake, this was joe gliniewicz's world. >> when i came down here i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: this was the headquarters of gliniewicz's explorer post packed with military equipment, investigators say he never should have had. ballistic helmets, radios, gas masks and bulletproof vests and hundreds upon hundreds of items suppld by the military in the belief they were sending them to foxlake police and not to gliniewicz a his police explorers. >> we believe gliniewicz was forging the chief's name to obtain much of this equipment. reporte and it was all the real thing. here amid the explorer trophies, kevlar helmets, gun belts and
4:57 pm
fatigues, even manuals on s.w.a.t. tacticandsniper training. >> the police department doesn't even have this equipment. many police departments don't ve it >> reporter: ann marrin had become suspicious and confronted gliniewicz the day before he faked his own murder. >> i finally went tliniewicz an inventory, i want your procurement and where your authorization came from. >> reporter: investigators made another disturbing discovery and it came when they searched the area with drug-sniffing dogs. >> it did indicate two or three looks for the presence of narcotics and we did not find any. at one time there were narcotics down here. >> reporter: autrities is how gliniewicz got this military hardware and what frauds might have been committed and one thing that's clear and troubling that the explorers were being trained more like soldiers than police. essentially these kids were being trained to kill on command and i don't think that's the
4:58 pm
intention of the explorers or what the boy scouts intended these programs to be. news 4 at 5:00 begins with breaking news. >> we are following a number of breaking stories right now. the firsone is out of pis where police say there have been at least three separate attacks tonight with a lot of casualties. >> we are hring as many as1 to 18 fatalities in some reports and here's wt w do know for sure. paris police confirmed about an hour ago there was a shooting at a restaunt in downtown paris where several people were shot. another shooting reportedly playing out on livev and there was a bombing at a near bar close to a stadium and they could be working a hostage scene and chris lawrence at the live desk. >> we want to tell you about something going on right here effective to this. the nypdhas been monitoring events in paris and as a precaution, they are putting additional units deploying some
4:59 pm
units to some of the locations in new york like the french embassy and posts in new york landmarks, as well. they'll have an official statement cng out soon. we are now getting reports of hostages at a concert hall in france ande are learning there was an american metal band that was performing there tonight in another neighrh
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